Polycarbonate-Sheet-in-Barnala ( Punjab-India )

People Like Polycarbonate sheets in Barnala. These Polycarbonate Sheets High Durable, PC Hollow sheets are very durable and long-lasting by virtue of its high impact strength and UV protection. These Sheets Energy Saver that PC Hollow sheets have better thermal insulation properties than other light-transmitting glazing materials thus making them the primary choice for energy efficient light-transmitting Construction. Optimum Light Transmission PC Hollow sheets provide optimal light transmission due the clarity of each base material. Application Scope Skylight Roofing, Greenhouse, Canopy, Overpass Polycarbonate Roofing, arc Skylight for Parking lot, shopping mall glazing, Window awning, Swimming Pool cover, warehouse skylight garage, Church Entrance. Interior Decoration, Divider, Display Window, exhibit booth, Bathroom Partition, Bulletin Board, Outdoor or Indoor Signage, Sound Proof Barrier for freeways and light cover in barnala Punjab-India.