Polycarbonate-Sheet-For-P.W.D. ( Punjab-India )

These Sheets Are very Demanding In P.w.d. (Public Works Department). Our Government understand it that We live in a world in which our fuel resources are shrinking rapidly, growing constantly more expensive . Apart from these direct influences, combustion of fuel is causing immense and irreversible harm to our environment, depleting the all important ozone layer and adding to the Green House Effect, which is resulting in Global Warming. Poly-carbonate sheets provide a unique way of minimizing or eliminating consumption of energy for artificial lighting in several application areas. Solar energy is naturally available and plentiful in a Country like India. Polycarbonate sheets offer you an opportunity to harness this bountiful source of energy, effectively and for years to come. Not only are polycarbonate sheets technically superior to conventional daylight solutions but also aesthetically appealing. The combination of unique properties makes it the first choice of Architect in P.W.D.