In The New Fibre House Fiberglass is the term used to describe FRP "fiberglass reinforced polymer". FRP "fiberglass" are generally produced as a thin rigid laminate shell. Fiberglass "FRP" domes are formed by spraying a polyester resin gel coat into a mold. When the gel coat is tack-free, layers of chopped glass fiber or glass fabric and resin are added. Reinforcing ribs, rods and struts can be added if necessary. The fiberglass gel coat can be pigmented or painted. Frp Fiberglass domes are frequently used as where a lightweight, strong and long lasting dome is needed. Frp Fiberglass Dome has excellent versatility, and fiberglass Frp dome can replicate stone, wood, metal and terra cotta. Fiberglass Frp dome can be cast in bright colors or even gold leafed. Its ability to be cast into ornate or complex shapes makes it possible to produce ornate dome drums and dome drum elements including columns, column capitals, balustrades, dome cornices or parapets. Fiberglass domes are lightweight.